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Umino Iruka is Moodswing Love by geuna

Created by eloquencelost

Sai is enigmatic, TEEHEE-Naruto's-penis-TEEHEE love

SaiNaru is I-bet-mine-is-bigger love

I maintain the genxrai Scars and Senbon LJ community and anyone who's interested in the pairing of Genma/Raidou and Raidou/Genma are welcome to come and join our happy little niche in LJ.

In memory of Amanda Fleetwood.
12-29-1983 - 7-13-2004
You are still missed

I also maintain the cainriff Master and Servant community for anyone who enjoys the fucked up love between Cain C. Hargreaves and Riffiel Raffit from Kaori Yuki's Count Cain/GodChild manga series.

I'm a part-time writer, full-time slacker who sells her soul to the Gods of the Computer. I find irony in many things yet fullfillment in few. I adore yaoi and shounin/ai pairings and this is my fiction journal for anyone morbidly curious enough to actually track it down.

This journal is now Friends Only.

I am sorry for the inconvience but all fandom related posts will remain public. As for my Adding Friend's Policy: If you're not some creepy stalker, chances are, I'll add you back but I make no promises for I am a lazy bitch and tend to read my FL for the fics and shiny objects. ^_^;;

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